What is Civic Action Network and how does it work?

These are updated often for clarity and updates by the Civic Action Network Team.

Q: What is Civic Action Network?
A: Civic Action Network is a non-partisan civic engagement tool that summarizes Congress legislation and simplifies the process of calling Congress. CAN bridges the gap between Constituents and their elected Congress-members.
Q: Do I have to pay to use Civic Action Network?
A: Not at all! Civic Action Network is now completely free to use! Sign up on the Get Started tab in the menu.
Q: Which party do you represent?
A: None. Civic Action Network is non-partisan. We summarize legislation giving you equal reasons to favor or oppose a bill. You decide what message is delivered.
Q: Do you drive an agenda?
A: No, Civic Action Network is non-partisan and does not have a political agenda. Our goal is to connect your voice to your elected officials in Congress.
Q: What does "vote your stance" mean?
A: Our bill summaries, in our emails and in our CAN Library, allow you to check off whether you favor or oppose a bill. We provide your "stance" when we call your elected officials in Congress.
Q: What does "call on my behalf" mean?
A: When you answer our bill summary emails or vote your stance on a bill in our CAN Library, that's whether you favor or oppose the bill, we will pick up the phone and call your elected officials in Congress. We will not stop calling until the phone call is picked up and your message is delivered.
Q: What are bill summary emails?
A: Once you sign up for free, you will start to receive our easy-to-read bill summaries via email. Here, you get to vote your stance on the bill and add your own personal message. Once you answer, we will call your Congress-members on your behalf.
Q: What is the CAN Library?
A: In the CAN Library you will find all of our bill summaries. Here, you can also vote your stance on the bill and add your own personal message. You can access the Can Library by clicking on the "Vote" tab on the menu.
Q: How many times do you call my Representatives in Congress?
A: For a single issue, we will call your Representatives, and keep calling, until your Representative’s office picks up and we deliver your message, regardless of how many attempts this takes.
Q: What do you mean by "Representatives and elected Officials"?
A: Every person in the U.S. is represented by one District Representative and two State Senators. We figure out who we should call depending on the current status of the specific bill you answered.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Signing up is easy and completely free. You can sign up by clicking on the "Get Started" link in the menu or in the homepage. Signing up gives you access to vote on both the CAN Library and our bill summary emails. Our service is now completely free!
Q: Do I have to pay to call my Representatives myself?
A: Not at all. Our services are now completely free! We still encourage you to call your elected officials yourself, but there is absolutely no cost to use our services.
Q: What if it takes a lot of attempts to reach my Representatives?
A: It usually does. Even if it takes us one or a hundred attempts to reach your Representatives, we will not stop until your call and message is delivered.
Q: What if you just can’t deliver my message?
A: If we cannot deliver your message after a certain amount of time, for whichever reason, we will message you back informing of the reason why.
Q: Who picks up when someone calls a Representative?
A: Chances are a staff member from your Representative's office will pick up the phone. They do an amazing job keeping track of the calls that tell your Representative how his or her constituents feel regarding multiple issues.
Q: What happens when you call on my behalf on a particular bill?
A: We have a real conversation with the congressional staffer, providing your zip code, full name, stance, and your personal message (if you provided one) about the particular bill that you voted on.
Q: Do you use a sample script or template when calling?
A: No. We only call to deliver your stance and your unaltered personal message to your Representatives. We do not provide any sample scripts for any issue.
Q: What happens if I have more questions?
A: Feel free to contact us at civi@civicactionnetwork.us with any question that you might have, whether you are a member or not.